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  1. Oh, I am sorry I just thought about another thing I have learned. Do not stress the mess!! I used to try to be that “perfect” mom with the super clean house and 4 perfect kids and it was not fun!! I let my kids play in the living room and sometimes even jump on the couches! The biggest surprise is my house is still pretty clean and there is no “keep the house clean” stress in the air!1stopmom’s last blog post..

  2. Thanks a bunch for the mention of our Kiva campaign, we are really excited and it’s been a massive success.As I write this we are really close to 1000 members and 100,000 views of the video (less than 800 views to go and less than 25 people to go) — Thanks for helping spread the word, people like you putting the word out are what got us here!Tyler WillisDirector of Marketing, Involvertyler@involver.com

  3. Uf!! Quina quantitat de coses noves que no sabria on comprar. Arrós panda o jazmin ( no ho havia sentit mai) herva de llimona (ni ideia). Salsa de peix.De totes maneres i amb tots aquests ingredients desconeguts per mi. Te una pinta, jo diria que refrescant i si no t’importa canvio la platja per la City.Si, ja ho sé, dec ser de les úniques persones al món que no li agrada la platja. ja,ja,jaPetonets

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