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  1. I think that Flying Geese quilt looks so gorgeous, and I wish I could make something like that. But the very thought of it made me hyperventilate a bit. And my hair hurt. I think the block you've made is fine – love the colours.Hope you find your bits and pieces – I hate it when that happens. (Have you ever read 'A Place Called Here' by Cecilia Ahern? In it, the character visits the place called 'Here' which is where all the lost things from our world go.x

    1. Growing up….for a while….I had a wooded path that took me over a little creek on a few wooden pl&icsa#8230;.Jakk-the-Pulpnts grew in that woods and I have never ever seen them anywhere else in all the places I have lived. The woods is still there in Huntingdon Valley, Pa between Inverness Lane & Washginton Lane (as George Washington used it in his times)….and was my ‘route’ to my grandparent’s home….really an ‘over the river and through the woods’ sort of walk….my heart aches for that place….I can see how much you love yours.Lynn

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